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How to navigate the Dacorum Local Plan Consultation

November 28, 2020 9:50 AM
How to navigate the Dacorum Local Plan Consultation - your Plain English guide to the supporting documents.
Stage 1: So, you follow the link and arrive here: https://www.dacorum.gov.uk/.../plan.../new-single-local-plan
So far, so good. So much text!
But there's a video. Good place to start? Well, if you want the soft-sell…
Stage 2: You watch the video (3 minutes 18 sec) yep, it gives you the soft-sell and you have …thoughts, you know there are problems with this, opportunities, let's say.
How to make a difference? Try this:
Stage 3: Visit the Virtual Exhibition https://dacorumlocalplan.consultation.ai/
Now we're getting somewhere. Just for fun, you can move the perspective around, to pretend you're actually in a room, like WITH OTHER PEOPLE, (but without masks…)
The Local Plan draft is set-out "around you" here, in (relatively) bite-size pieces:
IMPORTANT: Down in the corner there is a Live Chat - so you can put your "explain this" questions in (for clarification); but watch out, because these don't go into the Consultation responses!
The video lady is back with a "welcome" (you've heard this before).
Move the cursor a little to the right and there's an "I", for "Introduction":
A little further to the right and it's "Vision & Objectives". As you keep "walking" around the "room", you start to see the Town and village maps. Find the one(s) that interest you.
You find the real detail on the table in the centre of the "room". (With a notepad, the next bit is easy)
  • Proposals
  • The body of the draft plan
  • The supporting documents
Let's come back to these, after we've seen the pretty Town and village-specific maps on the left-wall. Here, you'll see "11. Key Developments in Markyate." Click on the heading and you'll find this is page 11 of, well,11. Either navigate with the button, or move around the "room" to find the pages that interest you, based on where you live.
OK, we've done the high-level stuff now. Now you need your notepad.
There is a lot here, so it's good to start to note down the questions that you need answering, the bits to study a little closer.
You're getting the hang of this, don't rush it, take it in stages, keep coming back when you're fresh to it.
You go back to the table, to read some of the proposals, some of the *evidence perhaps?
If you look at the middle tab, it shows parts 1-4 of the "Emerging Strategy for Growth", or you can download the whole 35Mb!
  • In Part 1 (pages 1-187) you can read the theory and thinking behind all this site-based stuff
  • In Part 2 (pages 188-261) you can read about the "Delivery Strategies" for each town or village
  • In Part 3 (pages 262-297) you can get into the Proposals and Sites for Hemel
  • And in Part 4 (298 -359) is Berkhamsted, Tring and all the villages
*You'll find repeated references to "supporting evidence" - this is in a separate tab on the "central table".
You don't have to do it all in one sitting! One bite at a time - take your time to understand (we're here to help).
*Before the closing deadline in February, you can copy your notes and comments into the consultation by following the "Make your comments" button (you will have to register and login to do this on the portal, alternatively you can download the response form and email it to Dacorum.)
TIP: before you dive in, try reading a few of the articles in this collection, on this website, which open-up the questions (bear with us, this is a work-in-progress, with more updates to come).